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ServiciosINNOVA is a project promoted by Erasmus + and the European Union that seeks to foment the research and dissemination on Climate Change in Universities of Bolivia and Paraguay, having as an objective, to be the reference on Investigational Development and obtain results that brings new values and knowledge to the international stakeholders and society in general.

The main objectives of the Project are:

  • Support the development, modernization and reconstruction of Higher Education of Bolivia and Paraguay.
  • Promote the cooperation between Europe and American partners.
  • Promote voluntary convergence with the progress of the EU in Higher Education.
  • Promote networking between people of interest, create intercultural consciousness and comprehension.

The Structural Project is aimed at producing an impact on Higher Education Systems and promote reforms at national level with replication at the international level.


INNOVA´s Project is integrated by 11 partners who have been chosen in consideration of the characteristics of the education system, R&D in Bolivia and Paraguay, geographical balance between the countries, especially through the UCB and UNA branches, the location of UNE and institutional interest to improve R&D services in education systems at the national level.

Our 11 partners:


  • Universidad Mayor Real y Pontificia de San Francisco Xavier de Chuquisaca
  • Universidad Gabriel René Moreno
  • Universidad Católica Boliviana
  • Universidad Privada de Santa Cruz de la Sierra
  • Ministerio de Educación del Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia


  • Universidad Nacional de Asunción
  • Universidad Nacional del Este
  • Universidad Católica Nuestra Señora de la Asunción
  • Ministerio de Educación y Ciencias


  • Universidad de Alicante


  • Universidad Portucalense de la ciudad de Oporto


WP1. PREPARATION: Needs analysis (Benchmarking)

- A1.1 Identification of good practices in the field of research management in Bolivia and Paraguay

- A1.2 Analysis of research and support policies in Bolivia and Paraguay

- A1.3 Study visit to the EU

- A1.4 Delphi Study: Analysis of future trends in climate change research

WP2. DEVELOPMENT: Creation of research management capacity in Higher Education

- A2.1 Preparation of training plans and learning resources

- A2.2 Strengthening of Human Capacities in Higher Education Institutions - Holding workshops

- A2.3 Online replication - Seminars

WP3. DEVELOPMENT: Institutional Construction: Improvement of research and development

- A3.1 Creation or updating of R&D units: Strategic planning

- A3.2 Modernization of the infrastructure of the R&D units

- A3.3 Modernization of research policies

- A3.4 Modernization of research services

WP4. DEVELOPMENT: Strategic Construction: Networking, policy formulation and foresight methods.

- A4.1 Creation of a Regional Network for Research, Development and Innovation

- A4.2 Support platform for research management with a vision of the future

- A4.3 Drafting of two White Papers “Improvement of research, development and innovation in Bolivia and Paraguay

- A4.4 National Conferences

- A4.5 Final International Conferences


- A5.1 Definition of the Dissemination Plan and tools developments

- A5.2 Internal dissemination actions: Round Tables

- A5.3 External dissemination actions

- A5.4 Definition of the sustainability strategy


- A6.1 Establishment of the Quality Board

- A6.2 Definition of a quality assurance and contingency plan

- A6.3 Internal control of quality assurance

- A6.4 External quality assurance control


- A7.1 Technical coordination, including meetings (M1-M36)

- A7.2 Administrative coordination, including reports (M1-M36)