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INNOVA´s second meeting of Partners for Project Management

On June 30, it was held INNOVA´s second meeting for Project Management for the strengthening of investigation management in higher education institutions in Bolivia and Paraguay. Among the presents, there were partners from universities such as: USFX, UPT, UCB, UPSA and UA. Jorge Fuentes, Project Coordinator, made the introduction to the event and its agenda. Simultaneously, the presentation of the newest Partner, Universidade Portucalense was made, along the introduction of four of its representatives.

The Mayor, Real y Pontificia de San Francisco Xavier de Chuquisaca University, was the event´s first exponent, where they presented the Workplan 1, which consisted about the preparation and necessities analysis as well as the Workplan 7, that corresponds to the Project´s General Management.

The Universidade Portucalense continued with necessities needs analysis with the brief intervention of Universidad de Alicante, where served as a space of feedback of its first draft.

Continuing with the presentations, the Workplan 2 was explain by Universidad Alicante, where they presented the development and creation of capacities. The UCB continued with the explanation of institutional development and construction

UPSA was in charge of INNOVA´s diffusion strategies, where the Dissemination Plan was presented and explained in order to achieve the hominization of its communication channels and so the graphic identity. The Workplan 6 was covered by UNA where they talked about quality, one of the main topics of the Project.

After the presentations of all the Workplans included in the Project, a formal approbation of the deliverables was made and allowed the continuation of the research and work in INNOVA to achieve a correct development.

Administrative Affairs such as budget, task´s programation for the second semester and a resume of agreements and commitments were also discussed in the event.

The closure was held by Jorge Fuentes, in which he expressed his gratitude with all the Partners for such a good job during this turbulent time.


II Encuentro de socios INNOVA


25 Jul 2021