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We are only five days away from the I National INNOVA Conference in Paraguay", organized by the National University of the East within the framework of the implementation of the INNOVA international project "Strengthening research management in higher education institutions in Bolivia and Paraguay" .

The participation of all the speakers has been confirmed according to the agenda. The event is being awaited with great expectation, more than 180 people among professionals, authorities of public and private institutions and institutions of higher education, teachers, researchers and students have registered through the link to participate in it Se with the participation of institutions public and private.

This Conference will be held in Ciudad del Este, with the National University of the East (UNE) as host, on August 29 and 30, where issues with a high level of importance will be addressed regarding the "Challenges in the Development of Research Management Policies with a focus on Climate Change"; Renowned European, Paraguayan and Bolivian experts and researchers will participate as speakers, as well as prominent speakers from the public sphere, Ministries of Education and others.

The main purpose of the Conference is to involve the broadest audiences in the problems addressed by the INNOVA Project, and to think together about undertaking political actions in this area to generate a systemic change of policies at the level of Higher Education and in the national policies.

According to the agenda, the problem of Climate Change will be addressed through the presentation of different investigations, which will allow generating a high level of reflection on the role of research, science and innovation with special attention to the region, incorporating an environmental perspective throughout the analysis; and in this way, work collectively promoting science in response to the needs of the contexts of Bolivia and Paraguay, given the conditions of little scientific productivity in Higher Education and in the Research, Development and Innovation Systems.

The participation of all the partner Universities of the project, from Bolivia and Paraguay, has been confirmed, accompanied by the Ministries of Education of both countries and the European partners of the University of Alicante and the University of Portucalense.

We are waiting for you at this important event that will be broadcast live on FACEBOOK

More information about the event is available at:

23 Aug 2022